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Ranking all 341 Latter-day Saint hymns from worst to best: Part V

The final section of a five part series analyzing and ranking each hymn in the Latter-day Saint hymnal, including the top 45. Read Part I, including an explanation of the project and its methods, here Read Part II here Read Part III here Read Part IV here Five Stars I have very little to criticize about the 45 best hymns. Each one fulfills all 10 Hymnandments : worship, accuracy, emotion, interest, simplicity, universality, symbiosis, non-cultiness, appropriateness, and rhyme. In other words, if any of these hymns doesn’t make it into the new hymnbook, I’m gonna riot. Who’s with me? Rank 45 223. Have I Done Any Good? Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder once found his team losing badly in an effortless performance. He rose to his feet and screamed “WAKE UP!” at his players (they rallied and won the game). Now, his intensity with those words are all I can think of as the chorus of this song begins. If I’ve done no good in the world today, it’s not a whispered “Wake